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2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car

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2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car
Bazooka Mobile Audio Demo Car Information Sheet

2004 Toyota Celica

Company Information:

Company Name: Bazooka Mobile Audio / Southern Audio Services, Inc.
Company Address: 15049 Florida Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70819
Telephone: 1-800-843-8823 Fax: 225-272-9844

Website: www.bazooka.com

Car Information:
Year: 2004 Make: Toyota
Model: Celica Engine: 1.8 liter 16 valve 4 cylinder

Exterior: Those who are responsible for all modifications to the car are:
Bryan Pickens, Craig Romero, Gene Hitchcock, – All Bazooka Mobile Audio Employees.

Exterior Paint: The Celica was painted with a flat army green (olive drab) basecoat and two coats of clear, both basecoat and clear were mixed with a flattener to achieve the flat look of paint.

Exterior Lighting: All factory lighting was left stock, the Celica came with HID’s, and rear taillights (TYC).

Additional Exterior Modifications: Include a hood scoop, side window missile launcher and an extensive airbrush scheme to the entire vehicle.

Wheels, Brakes and Suspension:
Wheels: Make: OBX Model: OBX
Front size: 17” Rear size: 17”
Tires: Make: BF Goodrich Model: BF Goodrich
Front Size: 215/40ZR17 Rear Size: 215/40ZR17
Brakes: Front Rotor Size: 13” Rear Rotor Size: 13” One or Two Pieces: One
Slotted or Vented: Vented
Brake Caliper: Make: Stoptech

Front Struts / Shocks: Hotchkis Front Springs: Hotchkis
Rear Struts / Shocks: Hotchkis Rear Springs: Hotchkis

Sway Bar: Hotchkis
Urethane Bushings: Hotchkis
Front Strut Tower Brace: Hotchkis
Front or Rear Control Arms: Hotchkis

Exhaust System:
Exhaust: OBX Header: OBX Up-Pipe: OBX Down Pipe: OBX
Exhaust Tip: OBX Cat: OBX Mounts: OBX

Intake System: Air Filter: AEM Air Intake: AEM

Audio System: All interior audio was completed by Bazooka Mobile Audio

Electronics: Head Unit: Clarion Source Make: Terk Model: XM Commander
Line Driver: Make: Audio Control Model: Four.One
Sub Amp(s): Bazooka Model:ELA1800 Qty: 3
High Freq. Amp: Make: Bazooka Model: ELA460 Qty: 2
DVD Player: Clarion LCD front: Clarion Satellite Radio: XM
Speakers: Bazooka Model: EL1014 (10” woofers) Qty: 3

Interior: Custom panels on the interior and custom painted door panels to match color
And paint scheme of car. Interior was completed by Bazooka Mobile

Shift Knob: Make: Fabricated by Bazooka Model: Hand Grenade
Steering Wheel: Make: Fabricated by Bazooka
Model: F-14 fighter jet inspired
Seats: Make: Fabricated by Bazooka
Model: Actual Huey Helicopter Seat

Other interior modifications include:
Custom painted door panels which house five grenades and a dessert eagle pistol that acts as a door handle. The original shifter knob was removed and replaced with a custom hand grenade shift knob. A custom center dash piece was fabricated to house the DVD player, Audio Control EQ, and the XM commander for the satellite radio. Other modifications to the interior include customer fabricated side panels. A custom laser cut rack was fabricated to hold the three missiles that are actually subwoofer enclosures. Each enclosure holds a El1014 (10” woofer), each enclosure is ported. The stock racing seats where taken out and replaced with an actual Huey Helicopter Seat on the driver side. Affixed on top of the missiles is a custom acrylic rack that holds two sets of coaxials. Two actuators from select products help to make the missile rack move in and out of the vehicle when the rear hatch is open simulating a true missile launcher, to complete the authenticity of the install. All panels and center console were painted in the same army green (Armour & rivet scheme) to compliment the outside of the vehicle. A custom steering wheel was cut out of aluminum. The design of the steering wheel was inspired from a jet fighter aircraft. ASCO supplied all of the led’s used in the rocket nose cones and rocket exhaust.

Subwoofer enclosure Type: modified Bass Tubes enclosure design – ported enclosure with downfiring port

Midrange: Make: Bazooka Model: BC6502 Qty: 2
Tweeters: Make: Bazooka Model: from RX6S Qty: 2
Center Channel Make: N/A
Rear Fill: Make: Bazooka Model: BC6502 Qty: 6

Power distribution:
Under Hood Battery: Make: Kinetik
Extra Batteries: Make: Kinetik Qty: 1
Front fuse holder: Make: IConnects Main Power Wire: Make: IConnects
Distribution Blocks: Make: IConnects Capacitor: Make: IConnects Qty: 4

Speakers): Coaxials – injection woven woofer cone, aluminum dome tweeter, aggressive four spoke grill design with aluminum accents. Woofers – LED illuminated logo badge, can be liquid cooled with the Bazooka “C.H.I.L.” system.

Amplifier(s): All Bazooka EL Amplifiers are 2 ohm stable and meet CEA power rating standards. EL Amplifiers offer one of the best dollar to watt ratios in the industry.

Competition(s): This Bazooka / Toyota Celica is primarily used as corporate demo vehicle in the Bazooka booth at shows such as: HIN, SEMA, CES and dealer and distributors show, and promotional events.

Sponsors: Spal, AEM, TYC, Audio Control, OBX, BF Goodrich, Street Glow, Stop Tech, Accu Laser, Kinetik, Hotchkis, Clarion, Asco, Terk, XM Satellite Radio, Nitrous Express

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Left Side Interior Dash 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 6 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 7 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 8 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 9 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 733 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 734 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 735 2004 Toyota Celica Official Bazooka Demo Car - Photo 736
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