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91 chevy camaro rs

dragonslayerrb3’s Club Bazooka Garage
91 chevy camaro rs

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91 chevy camaro rs - Photo 728 my 8"tube and csa150.1 amp my current set up hoping to add another tube and amp and get a bazooka amp for my 6x9's the white amp is just temporary til i can get a bazooka amp for my 6 x 9's
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Member: dragonslayerrb3
Created: 03-06-2008 06:29 PM
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Kingfish Roll the port down toward the floor board, and try to get it about 3 inches from the back of the car. you can possibly even try rolling the port the direction of the fender which would load its output directly into the corner. But that is not critical. The corner serves as a natural amplifier...similar to when a cheerleader yells into a megaphone. I'll be surprised if you don't notice an increase in bass. 03-07-2008
dragonslayerrb3 i havent tried sliding it back any i believe i can go a few inches without it hitting my hatch.im gonna try it though and see if it makes a difference.a freind of mine had a camaro like this a long time ago and he had 4-8"tubes in it and it was earth shattering bass.you could hear him coming for a mile easy.thats when i fell in love with bazooka tubes. 03-07-2008
Kingfish Thanks for sharing your install. We used to have a Camaro demo car in this body style with 2 6" passive tubes that really rocked. The shape of the hatch really exploits the corner loading horn effect the Bazooka's are designed to take advantage of. Have you tried sliding the tube closer to the rear of the car...toward the taillights? If there is room, you might get a 2dB increase in bass efficiency. Again, thanks for including it in our Garage.
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