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Help 0003 Help!

Ok, I bought the Bazooka Party pack, came with the 2 10" subs, amp, and box. I bought the wiring kit, everything was ready to go.

Wired the power wire from my battery all the way back to my amp. The power wire has a fuse bridging it, with a 40 amp fuse in it.

Wired the rca cables and Remote cable from the back of my head unit,to my amp.

Wired the ground grom my seatbelt bolt..back to the amp.

Plugged the 25 amp fuse that came with the kit into the amp..turned the key..and boom, the fuse blew...

Hmm...checked all the wiring, put a new fuse in..boom..blew again.

I even tried moving the ground location..the wire is inbetween 2 metal washers..boom, blown fuse.

What's the problem? Only the fuse in the amp is blowing, not the fuse in the power cable. The power light on the amp goes on..then fades out..and the fuse pops.

What can this be? Any help? Thank you.
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