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Default Re: Just got a BTA6200 and have a connection question.

Originally Posted by cnadianut View Post
Hey thanks for all of your help. I figured since I picked up the unit for $80 Canadian I could spend the money and have the wires ran. I did what you said and had them run wires from the high level at the head unit to the bazooka along with the remote power line. I also had them run a RCA line in case I would like to upgrade the head unit in the future. I also left the factory installed sub connected but am planning on replacing with something aftermarket. If bazooka has a sub to work i would definatlt try it. Please let me know if I am allowed to mention the place that did the work in Mississauga Ontario they did great work all for $100. They even installed the tube and tuned it for me. Future shop wanted $80.00 for the install of the wiring kit and $49.99 for the install and they wouldn't even touch the tube.

Anyway if you recall when I first posted your welcome said something along the lines of be prepared to be impressed? Well that was putting it mildly. I am absolultly blown away by the performance of this tube. After they installed and were tuning it I was in the waiting room with a buddy. He said wow that car pounds we got up to look and to our amazement there it was a tiny little thing just putting out just an amazing amount of bass for it's size. Needless to say we were both very impressed and my girlfriend just loves it.
Thanks a bunch for all your help. You taught me very much not just about bazooka systems but systems in general.
Thanks for everythin. Happy pounding. I have set this site as a favorite. :-)
cnadianut, thank you for the great post and testament to how great of a product the Bazooka Bass Tube is, it is simply the best product on the market, period. 25 years and still thumping!! I was more than happy to help you with your questions, this is what the Bazooka Forum is for, helping members with their installs or any questions they may have with their Bazooka products. Please feel free to post the name of the shop that did the install, I'm sure they would appreciate it and your fellow Canadian's would also like a head's up. Check in the Bazooka online store for a replacement subwoofer for your factory enclosure.
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