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Help 0003 noob - basic install help - BTA10250B install in Audi A4

My son purchased the BTA10250B amplified bazooka for his 2009 Audi A4 with factory radio. I'm pretty technical and experienced (in other areas) but I need some basic help to get started. I have read the installation manual.

A) So from a high-level, what do I need to hook up?
a1) Red Power - directly to battery
a2) Black Ground wire - to vehicle chassis near amplifier.
a3) Audio inputs
Q1 - Am I just connecting to the existing rear right and left speakers in the audi?
Q2 - If the answer to Q1 is 'yes' then I should use the high level inputs?
Q3 - If Q1=yes and Q2=yes:
So I simply follow the 'high-level inputs' paragraph in the install manual.
(Connect the green to the left rear speaker +. Connect the green/black to the left read speaker -. Connect the gray to the right read speaker +. Connect the gray/black to the right rear speaker -.
Q4 - Do I make these connections (from Q3 above) at the rear speaker or do I need to find some plug closer to the radio?
Q5 - Can I make the power connection at the fuse box so the bazooka is powered off when the car is turned off or do I need to run the power to the battery?
Q6 - If I need to wire-in the 'remote turn on' (if answer to Q5 is no) then where do I wire this in?
Q7 - looks like I can ignore the two output wires for this simple install. Agreed?
Q8 - Do I need the RCA phono plugs for my install?

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