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Default Re: Jeep Wrangler

ok, here it is. I have a 2000 jeep wrangler sahara.

1. I had the BAZOOKA BTA8250D

2. Now I have the BAZOOKA BTA10250D

3. I have a bestop instatrunk. it is steal. It is a security trunk.

4. Place BAZOOKA BTA10250D inside instatrunk. Note instatrunk is sealed and is a tight enclosure. Doubling sealing around edges may be a suggestion.

5. This is a superb combination of bass tube and sealed compartment with a jeep wrangler top off or on.

6. The 8" hits nice

7. The 10" vibrates fronts seats and gives you beautiful bass.

8. The key is the instatrunk. definitely.

9. slide the tube as close to the instatrunk wall as you can, this will give you about 4-5 inches from the actually side of the jeep.

10. I recommend the 10" amplified (BTA10250D). this will be the perfect setup and secure

11. I go full gain and that other voacl knob on "0"

12. Next, work the heck out of it. I blast mind and pump it and the sucker coils and recoils like crazy and sounds tight! great prodcuct.

13. remember the secret for the wrangler is the instatrunk, which is nicely sealed.

14. oh, and you will have little space left over for little crap.

15. head unit kenwood Bt555u, dash speakers 5.25" alpines, sound bar 6.5" alpines dash pioneer tweeters.

16. This system rocks believe it or not the kenwood powers all the babies speakers perfectly.

17. good luck, any questions ask me i know how to do it all

-mike D
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