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Default Re: EL8A-HP help needed

Originally Posted by davidls77 View Post
Hello all,

My old trusty EL8A-HP seems to be having problems these days. I've had this bad boy for almost 10 years now (maybe about ~8 years)

I had ordered a new wire harness as my old one had a loose ground wire from the harness (it had come out in the past and I had fixed it).

I put the new wire harness in and everything was cool (green light came on and tube was bumpin').

And then after 10 seconds or so, the power went out. I checked all my connections and everything seemed okay (again, it worked fine before except that the old wire harness' ground wire would keep coming lose from the harness).

I then kind of tapped on the tube itself and the power would come back on (green light), but within 10 seconds it would go back off. I would tap again, come back on and so on.

I'm wondering if maybe the amp has finally died (possibly from the previous wire harness ground always coming loose?)? Or is there something else I can check? I saw on the bazooka store that a new amp is $90+ dollars :0 So, if that is what is the problem, I'm not sure if it would be worth replacing just the amp.

If anyone has any ideas/clues on what I should check again, please let me know! Thanks!
And as for what you can do, it all depends on how experienced you are or how adventureous you want to be! From the sounds of it, I think you simply have a loose ground internally. You can always remove the amp and check it out. Sometimes, (and I'm not suggesting that you did this) people tend to cram wires back in where they came from rather forcefully, so a solder joint can crack and weaken. After a period of time, and the jolting of an automobile and the vibrations of the bass, can work the joint loose completely. There is a very good chance that when you plugged the new harness in, the joint broke. I don't think it is a catastophic failure, as the whole unit will function when you prompt it to. (by the tapping!) If you have anymore questions or thoughts post back and we will try to get you back up and running again.
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