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Default Project idea but, will this box work?

I'm planning on fitting 16 yes that's 16 RX-T1 subs into my car and I am toying with the idea of putting each one in thier own sealed box with the dimentions of 11" on all 3 sides (triangular boxes) by 14" deep.The outside edge of the box should be around the same size as the outer edge of the sub itself, which will enable me to group them tightly together in a staggered formation that will make up a giant triangle. If I figured right each box will have a volume of .62 Cubic feet, which is at the top of the recommended volume range of .4-.6 cubes. Although, I was thinking of maybe going with a box that equals .5 cu.ft. which is right in the middle of the range. What does everyone think about this? As I progress throughout the project I will keep tabs posted of how it is going and when I finish I will post pictures of the completed setup in my car. The completed setup will consist of 16 subs, plexiglass surround filled with water and a bubble effect which will be lighted by purple neons.

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