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Good deal!!!! Some one with the ideas. I am currently work on installing 6 rx-t1 in my sunfire. I was talking to the tech at bazooka asking if the box volume was alreay including basket displacement and he said yes. They had installed 16 of these in a CRX and they could still see out the back window he also said they work in a .5 - .8 cbft box no prob. Im putting all of them into a 1 chamber box powering it mono @ 2.6 ohm feeding it 1700 watts RMS. If you run them mono you can use 1 chamber but in stereo or multi amps use 2 or more chambers the amount of channels should be equal to the amount of chambers so if you run two amps that are 2 channel bridged have two chambers. if there running stereo run 4 chambers. Obviously the less chambers you have the less space you take up in dividers. Anyways if you want email me and you can pick each others brains. Here is how I was going to set up 5 but now Im doing 6


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