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Default Re: Single amp, dual voice coil

Originally Posted by Yadkin View Post
I know enough about electronics to be dangerous. By gain, do you mean input level? I guess that I can adjust that when I get the system setup, either on the bench or later when I get the car back from my body man.

The amp has a subsonic filter switch: off-15-30Hz. I assume I should use 30. It also has a crossover frequency adjustment (30-200Hz) and Bass EQ adjustment from 0 to +16dB.

This is going into my project car, a '64 TBird. It's a complete restoration. Nothing is in the car now except the steering column, and I'm rebuilding that after it's painted.

The head unit is a Custom AutoSound USA 630 than puts out 4 channels at 60watts each. I've got two 4" coaxial speakers mounted in the dash in place of the original 4x10. Crutchfiled had an open box special and I got two Retrosound 5x7 coaxials that have a shallow mounting depth, and those will fit inside the rear roof pillars, under the headliner.

I actually live in Forsyth County, on the western side near the Yadkin River. Are you familiar with this part of the country?
Yes, gain and input level are the same. If you are comfortable with using a DMM, there is always a formula you can use to set the gain or input level. A quick Google search can help you out with that and there are literally a ton of videos on YouTube dealing with the subject.

Set the subsonic filter for 30Hz, ideally, 35Hz is best, however, 30Hz will still function well. If you do add any bass EQ, you will have to make sure the gain settings are still correct. This means making sure that you are not clipping the signal. Again, you can use the DMM for this.

The 1964 T-Bird is a beautiful car. It sounds as if you are well on your way to having the car up and running soon. I myself am partial to the Lincoln Continential's of that era.

I am quite familiar with Forsyth and Yadkin Counties. Your location puts you in Lewsiville or Clemmons, is that correct?
power your system down
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