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Default Re: Single amp, dual voice coil

Originally Posted by heavyduty View Post
A DVC unit allows for multiple wiring configurations, especially useful when using several drivers or Tubes.

That is not saying that you cannot use a single DVC Tube. If your amplifier is stable at 2 ohms mono, simply wire the voice coils in parallel. You can use jumpers for this.

If your amplifier is not 2 ohm stable, return the unit for the BT8028DVC. Wire the voice coils in parallel to achieve the 4 ohm mono load.

That's awesome. Yes, my amp is rated to do 2 ohms. That brings up another issue though.

When wired to a 2 ohm speaker, my amp is rated at 600W RMS. Will this ruin the speaker?

The amp allows me to set the input level from 0.1 to 8V. Can I use that to reduce the wattage to the speaker?
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