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Default Re: sub turning off on low volume, driving me insane

Originally Posted by heavyduty View Post
If you are using the Remote turn-On Loop, the orange remote wire of the Tube should not be connected and vice versa (the orange remote wire of the Tube connected, disconnect the Remote Turn-On Loop).

With the turn-on loop disconnected, where do you have the orange remote wire connected at the headunit?
I have the same problem. Bought a BTA10100 with the F.A.S.T. connect harness. I'm feeding the audio signal via the low level RCAs. The power wire is spliced into the same 12 volt wire powering my aftermarket deck. The ground wire is wired to ground somewhere in the trunk. The "blue/white" power accessory wire of the harness (which I assume is the orange remote wire at the sub) is spliced to the power antenna wire of my deck. The weird thing is when I have my key at the ACC position, the sub is constantly/continuously on no matter what the volume is. Once I turn the key to the ON position, the sub usually shuts off if the volume isn't loud enough. For instance, after changing songs the sub shuts off, and it takes 3-5 seconds of music playing to trigger the sub to turn back on again. If I turn the car off and switch the key back to ACC, the sub goes on permanently again. This is all with that orange loop connected. If I remove it, the ACC position works as permanent on, but in the ON position the sub does not turn on at any volume level.

Anyone have any advice to offer? I think maybe the power antenna wire from my deck isn't what I was supposed to splice the blue/white wire into. Would it work if I spliced both the red power wire and the blue/white power accessory wire to the power wire for my deck? Any help would be appreciated.
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