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Help 0003 bta 6100 installation problem

Today I installed my tube - using high level outputs to my head unit's front speakers (so the front speakers have both 6 inch door speakers and the bazooka attached to them). I fired it up and it sounds good, but when my volume is low, the sub cuts out. Sometimes even when the volume is not low. When I touch the bazooka, it makes a loud noise - is there a loose wire somewhere? Why would touching a non metallic part of the bazooka make this bad sound?

I have not used the remote (orange) wire and kept the loop connected on the wiring harness. The ground wire is connected to the seatbelt bolt. The positive wire goes straight to the battery except for the last 12 inches where there was already a smaller wire going to an unused fuse harness.

Another question - if you don't connect the orange wire, does it then have auto-on/off function? Does it consume battery when the key is out of the car?

Thanks for the help,

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