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Default Re: BTA10250D yes power, no sound

Originally Posted by liad777 View Post
Fully installed, green LED, but no bass/volume of any significance. Adjusting gain level/crossover makes a tiny difference, but even at maximum with source volume high, it is almost inaudible. All power connections/grounding are correct. Have tested with multimeter. Phase test, adjusting balance makes no difference.

JVC KDR-520 head unit. Speaker level connections have been tried with the Bazooka in every configuration with the gray and green wires, as per the Bazooka manual.

This is intended to replace an Infinity Basslink setup in the trunk. I have easy access to the JVC's white and purple speaker wires, which were brought back for the Infinity unit.

The power/speaker level connections work just fine with the Infinity unit, plenty of boom.

Is it possible the Bazooka amplifier is dead/faulty, even though the green light is on? This is a recent purchase from, and many customers have noted defective units.

Any advice on next steps would be appreciated.
Unfortunately I had a lot of bad luck getting an undamaged unit through shipping. IMO the basstube is poorly designed for shipping.
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