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Default Re: BTA8100, FAST BTAH, w/ aftermarket deck

Originally Posted by heavyduty View Post
To connect to your aftermarket headunit you will want to use the FAST-9999. Your subwoofer controls of the headunit will only work when you use the subwoofer line out of the headunit, which is why the revised FAST-BTAH include RCA's.

Using the FAST Harness will not cause any decrease in sound quality or for that matter, quality of any kind. The FAST System was designed to make installation a breeze, and it does just that. Because most people do not understand or know the type of amplifiers these Tube's have, and the associated current draw, they are quick to jump to inappropriate conclusions that using the FAST Harness will create some kind of reduction of quality in sound output.

Use the RCA's of the FAST-BTAH to connect to the subwoofer output of your headunit.
Thanks for quick response, I'm expecting the rest of my gear to come any day and I wanted to be prepared for the install. Its great to hear that quality isn't sacrificed by using FAST Harnesses.

So just to clarify..

-It IS possible to use the FAST harness 1761 (made for toyota's) to connect with the harness made for the head unit, and then from there connect the BTAH.. by doing this the RCA's would not be used, but I will be unable to use subwoofer controls on the head unit???

If this is true, am I sacrificing any customizable features of the subwoofer sound by not using the head unit to control it? I'm under the impression that you can adjust the sub settings on the back of the tube itself..

-I ask this because the FAST harness 1761 is already coming w/ my tube and I want to know if its still possible to hook it up. If not, then FAST 9999 is the obvious be the way to go. Or if the lack of head unit control is too bad, then FAST 9999 it is.
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