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Default Re: FAST-9999 Installaton Instructions

I procured the wiring information and set off on the task this weekend. Opened the stock stereo on my honda 09 civic and tried to connect the harness , but i was lost on the blue one which says connect to
accessory or power antenna. My connector did not specify anything as such. Here is the Diagram .

Audio Unit Connector A (17P)
[Without Premium System]
Cavity - Wire Color - Connects To
A1 - Red - Dash lights brightness controller
A2 - Brown - Left Rear Speaker (-)
A3 - Pink - Driver's Door Speaker (-), Left Tweeter (-)
A4 - Green - Multiplex Integrated Control Unit (MICU) SCTY Radio)
A6 - Light Blue - Multiplex Integrated Control Unit (MICU) (K-LINE)
A7 - Brown - Front Passenger's Door Speaker (-), Right Tweeter (-)
A8 - Orange - Right rear Speaker (-)
A9 - Black - Ground (G505)
A10 - Grey - Lights-on Signal
A11 - Yellow - Left Rear Speaker (+)
A12 - Light Green - Driver's Door Speaker (+), Left Tweeter (+)
A13 - Blue - ECM/PCM (VSP) [VSS]
A14 - Purple - Multiplex Integrated Control Unit (MICU) (ACC Radio)
A15 - Grey - Front Passenger's Door speaker (+), Right Tweeter (+)
A16 - Blue - Right rear Speaker (+)
A17 - White - Multiplex Integrated Control Unit (MICU) (+B Backup) [+12 volts (Battery positive)]

Audio Unit Connector B (20P)
[Without Navigation]
(1)The shielded wires have a heat-shrunk tube insulating the outside of the wire. The Color of the insulating tube, typically black or dark gray, may not match the color of the wire listed on the schematic.
(2)With premium sound system
Cavity - Wire Color - Connects To
B3 - Brown - Auxiliary Jack Assembly (Aux SGND)
B4 - Gray(1) - Shield for terminals No. 3, No. 5, No. 13, No. 14, and No. 15 (Aux Shield GND)
B5 - Blue - Auxiliary Jack Assembly (Aux GND)
B6 - Brown - Audio Remote Switch (Audio Remote GND)
B7 - Pink - Audio Remote Switch (Audio Remote SW)
B13 - Yellow - Auxiliary Jack Assembly (Aux L)
B14 - Green - Auxiliary Jack Assembly (Aux R)
B15 - White - Auxiliary Jack Assembly (Aux Det)
B16(2) - Light Blue - Stereo Amplifier (Amp On) [+12 Volt power on]

Audio Unit/Navigation Unit Connector G (3P)
[All Models]
Cavity - Wire Color - Connects To
G1 - Not Listed - AM/FM Antenna Amplifier (Sig)
G2 - Not Listed - AM/FM Antenna Amplifier (SH (AM/FM))
G3 - AM/FM Antenna Amplifier (Ant +B[attery])

I made connections from the FAST harness red one to the white postive battery terminal .
Likewise connected the speaker - and + to rear end left and right. I was lost where does the blue connector goes and i tried with couple of options but when everything was plugged in , i did not see the woofer working . Please let me know if any suggestions.
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