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Default Re: Hi everybody!

I do have one question:

To extend the power wire for the BTA10250D, which gauge wire should I use? Will a 4 gauge CCA (copper coated aluminum) kit be enough?

I believe, if I'm reading the online documentation correctly, the unit only comes with about 19" of #12 gauge wire. That's with the "fuse" it mentions, however, is that fuse sufficient for the direct connection to my battery or should I also purchase a traditional amp fuse box?

I'd like to have all of the wiring in place when I receive my tubes, so I can enjoy them as quickly as possible. (^_^) ...I'm so impatient. lol

Also, my head unit has two 2.5v sub RCA connections. If I use those, I can use my HU's built in low-pass filter, to prevent any bass from going to my factory speakers. But, I'm under the impression that 2.5v RCA are "low-power." So, should I just tap into the regular speaker wires? (My HU claims 20 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms, is what it supplies to my speakers.)

I appologize but this is my first sub installation and am confused about the High-Level Input Vs. the RCA input. I thought 2.5v RCA was the higher power, since that's what my HU wants me to use for my sub.
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