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Default Re: limited space in old 57

Originally Posted by a356 View Post
Okay, I have a Pioneer head unit in a 1957 Porsche 356.

Previously I had a HUGE custom box in the back with 2 6x9s and a 10" sub all infiniti pappa series stuff and pioneer amps.

I am not going for a more stream line look and less HUGE.

I am using 2 component kappa series infiniti speaker in the front stock locations and adding a 100 watt amplified 6" bt6100 to the back cargo area for bass

My thought is to limit the front speakers to 80hz and then by adding the ampliified bazooka i should have good sound from Metallica's One to Tpayne's Church, I have to listen to what the kids like when they go for a ride with me in the car. :-/

any how

I have dedicated power and ground from the prior system, remote on from the head unit and phono plug audio feed to back for the sub... Am i missing anything? I am trying to have this ready to plug and play when the package arrives :-)

have I made a good selection? anyone help me know how to better tune the audio in the car?

I put all power to front two speakers limited them to 80hz and with feed the sub via phono plug.

I see the bazooka does lik 39-85hz so I hope my front components doing 80-25k hz gives me full rich enveloping sound


From what you have listed, installation should be plug and play as everything you are connecting to as already been verified as working.

Crossover setting on the BTA6100 is fixed @ 85hz. Taking the slope of the crossover settings into consideration, how well the area of the components has been prepped, etc., you may find that you may have to lower or raise the crossover point for your components. I like starting at 90hz and adjusting from there. Your ears will be your guide here.

The most important thing to remember here is to have the Tube properly mounted, output suffers greatly when the Tube is not loaded sufficiently.

Post back with any other questions you may have.
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