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Originally Posted by spk2629 View Post
If I am running the Bazooka from the rear channel, and I am only using my two front speakers (factory 6x8's), is there a way I can re-route my other 6x8's that are in the rear doors to run off the same signal as the front speakers? In other words, is there a problem with running two speakers off of one channel (Front left & Rear left both drawing from the head unit's Front Left channel?) I wish I knew more about all of this stuff but, just like the subtitle under my name says---"Just Gettin Started" so I am trying to learn as I go.

What I want is a 5-speaker system- 2 fronts, 2 rears, and a sub. I am guessing from your original reply that I can't tap into my rear speakers to run the bazooka while keeping the rear speakers active. I was hoping to be able to get away with that, but not knowing any better, it seemed wise to ask you guys here---thanks so much again, by the way!

I really don't want to limit myself to a 3-speaker system comprised of two door speakers and a bazooka. That'd suck... Since I just bought the head unit 3 weeks ago, I am definitely not in the market for an upgrade yet.The other option is to buy an amplifier to run more channels out but then that defeats the purpose of buying the bazooka with built-in amp in the first place. Man, I am so confused LOL

***Sorry for the double-post but I took longer than a minute to edit the last post and needed to add these extra-bits for clarity and better answers/advice. Thanks again!
To begin with, connecting to the front speakers or any speaker for that matter does not render the speakers useless. All you are doing is creating a signal source for the Tube and nothing more. The reason the front speakers are suggested for your signal source is in the case that you decide to use the fader to improve the soundstage. Fading to the front will reduce the signal to the rear speakers which in return will lower the output of the Tube.

Leave your rear speakers connected as they are now. Connect to the front speakers for your signal source, mount the Tube and enjoy the music.
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