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Default Re: Bta850fh

Thanks again! I appreciate the help. One more question... Another stupid noob one of course:

If I am running the Bazooka from the rear channel, and I am only using my two front speakers (factory 6x8's), is there a way I can re-route my other 6x8's that are in the rear doors to run off the same signal as the front speakers? In other words, is there a problem with running two speakers off of one channel (Front left & Rear left both drawing from the head unit's Front Left channel?)

I really don't want to limit myself to a 3-speaker system comprised of two door speakers and a bazooka. That'd suck... The other option is to buy an amplifier to run more channels out but then that defeats the whole purpose of buying the bazooka with built-in amp in the first place.

I would take all of these questions to a Bazooka Dealer but there aren't any around here-- sorry for asking potentially dumb questions, but thanks for your patience and info.
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