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Default Re: Amp kit to harness and other install issues

Originally Posted by dz14 View Post

Here is my situation:
-I just got a new head unit installed in my car
-I have a BTA8100 and the wiring harness that came with it
-I have an 8 gauge amp kit
-I want to hook up the sub
-Based on the various manuals I've read I have some idea of what to do, but still have some questions

-The wiring diagram on this site says the RCAs on the harness should be distinguishable between left and right; on mine they are identical. Does this matter?
-Do I connect the red power wire of the harness to the power cable from the amp kit, then to the positive node of the car battery?
-What should I connect the ground wire to?
-For the remote turn-on, am I correct in thinking that I connect the orange harness wire to the amp kit's corresponding wire and then connect that to the remote turn-on wire of the head unit's harness? My head unit has sub control built in and I want to make sure I connect things properly.
-For this would I need to remove the yellow jumper loop?
-For the remaining wires of the harness, do I just use electrical tape to insulate the ends?

Sorry for how many questions I have, but I just want to make sure I do this right.

Thank you.
Not being able to distinguish between the left and right low level is not too important as the Tube sums the signal mono, it is much more important to have both channels connected.

With your amplifier installation kit you will connect the Tube's +12v red power wire to the power cable which you will connect to the positive battery terminal.

The ground wire needs to be connected directly to the vehicle. Look for a place that is a relative short distance from the Tube that allows for you to remove the paint (via sanding) and allows for you to attach a self-tapping screw or nut and bolt without worrying about damage to any of the exterior panels, brake or fuel lines, wiring harness of any kind and lastly the fuel tank.

When using the accessory turn-on of the headunit, be sure to disconnect the Auto-Turn On Loop. Then connect the orange remote wire to this wire (usually blue with a white strip). The owner's manual of the headunit will be able to verify the color of this wire.

As for the remaining wires you are not using. Electrical Tape and a small wire tie will do the trick. Heat shrink and and wire loom or nylon harness will work to.

Post back with any other questions you may still have.
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