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Help 0003 Amp kit to harness and other install issues


Here is my situation:
-I just got a new head unit installed in my car
-I have a BTA8100 and the wiring harness that came with it
-I have an 8 gauge amp kit
-I want to hook up the sub
-Based on the various manuals I've read I have some idea of what to do, but still have some questions

-The wiring diagram on this site says the RCAs on the harness should be distinguishable between left and right; on mine they are identical. Does this matter?
-Do I connect the red power wire of the harness to the power cable from the amp kit, then to the positive node of the car battery?
-What should I connect the ground wire to?
-For the remote turn-on, am I correct in thinking that I connect the orange harness wire to the amp kit's corresponding wire and then connect that to the remote turn-on wire of the head unit's harness? My head unit has sub control built in and I want to make sure I connect things properly.
-For this would I need to remove the yellow jumper loop?
-For the remaining wires of the harness, do I just use electrical tape to insulate the ends?

Sorry for how many questions I have, but I just want to make sure I do this right.

Thank you.
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