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Default Re: Stainless Tube Mounting Hardware

Kingfish, thank you for your advice. Part of my displeasure is with the fact that there is not a mount to suffice my requirements. The other part is that of the customer service rep who never followed thru with the questions I had.

Maybe you can show me the setup you are using, and I can get some ideas from it. My problem with mounting in a compartment is that the only compartment I could use, is often used for storage of personal items and the portable toilet. If I mounted toe tubes in the compartment, I would have to remove all the towels, bags, and other things inside the compartment for optimal sound. Correct? My other dillema, is the compartment sits below floor level because it is inside the center console. So maybe from what I am understanding you are saying about non-directional, the sound would amplify up and out of the compartment? I am no sound expert, so that is why I am searching for possible alternatives here. I am close to just buying a 4 strap kit, which would probably suit my needs for the existing setup. But if you are saying that I would get a much better response from the tubes if they are mounted down below, maybe that is something I will try to experiment with. Any input is appreciated.
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