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Default Re: Oops! Sorry GH!

I'm trying to think of how to classify some of the sites and organize them into an easily usable and understandable database. The bcae1 site covers just about everything, from basic Ohm's law to advanced impedance calculations. The club knowlege site is like that also, except the information is provided by the site members. A lot of the links will probably be like that.

Would using the URL, with a very brief description (1 or 2 words) as the thread title and a more detailed description of the site in the 1st post, be appropriate?

Or would using the subject matter as the thread title, with individual posts within the thread, providing links and descriptions of relevant sites, be more appropriate? With this format, many of the sites will be listed in multiple threads, ie: thread for Wiring diagrams would include the bcae1 link, and the thread for box design would also include the bcae1 link, since both subject are covered on the bcae1 site.

Comments? Ideas?
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