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Cool Fully Sponsored Bazooka 2-door Scion xB

**Current Sponsors**

Bazooka and iConnects – All of the audio equipment and wiring. – Full Wide Body Kit, Carbon fiber wing, vented carbon fiber hood.

Matrix Paint Systems – Sour Apple Green candy paint.

Bridgestone Tires – Potenza RE750 with UNI-T tires. 215/35R18 in the front and 235/35R19 in the rear.

Xstatic – 5 Batcap 2000’s. – Clear Glass Radiator Hose. – Blue Silicone Hoses replacing various hoses in the engine bay. – Work Euroline DH rims; 18x8 w/ +13 offset in the front and 19x9 w/ offset in the rear and a Koyo aluminum radiator. – Full train horn set.

High Class Upholstery – Vinyl ragtop, Interior upholstery, Seats and Door Panels.

Malihini Customs – Body Work.

Sir Wiz Auto Body – Finished the body work and got the whole car ready for paint.

Eddie’s Customs – Painted the car and all of its interior pieces.

Plastic Designs – All of the Plexi glass work in the trunk.

• Interior
o Dashboard – The entire dashboard is custom fiberglass. There are six Bazooka speakers in the top of the dash consisting of two 4”, two 5.25” and two 6” speakers. To the left side of the steering wheel is a single-din Pioneer to add more room on the opposite side. To the right of the steering wheel in the passenger side there is a 22” Acer wide screen LCD monitor, which is hooked up to an Xbox that is molded in the bottom center of the dash. The Xbox is soft modded with a 500 gig hard drive and currently has 10000 songs, 2500 music videos, 30 Movies and 40 Games burnt right onto the hard drive. There is no A/C, nor is there a glove box or passenger air bag. Also the gauge cluster has been cut in half so that only the circular bezel will be showing molded into the dashboard. There are two switches on the bottom left corner of the dash that are for the windows.
o Steering Wheel – The steering wheel has been modified using expanding foam to accommodate two 4” speakers.
o Door Panels – Both door panels are custom fiberglassed and house four 5.25” Bazooka speakers along with their very own 750 watt amplifier built into the door. The door locks have been removed along with the window switches and all controls that were on the door. All wiring was moved back into the car and switches were utilized where needed. This helped in the cleanliness and simplicity of the door, but also allowed for more room for the speakers and the amplifier.
o A-Pillars – Both pillars have been fiberglassed and two 4” Bazooka speakers have been placed in each one.
o Center Console – The center console has been modified and now has a fiberglass armrest along with two 4” bazooka speakers in the front of the console. The E-Brake was also removed from the car.
o B-Pillars And The Back of The Car – The B-Pillars have been custom fiberglassed to flow into the front of the “Pac-Man” wall that takes up the rest of the car. This faηade will help not only with the aesthetics of the interior, but it will help keep the sound in the cab of the vehicle. The wall houses sixteen 10” Bazooka Subwoofers that are Bazooka’s top of the line. These subwoofers all have an illuminated “Bazooka” symbol in the center of each one.
o Trunk – The trunk is housing eight 700 watt Bazooka mono amplifiers that are powering only the subwoofers. This too is completely custom and completely made of fiberglass. Four of them are placed inside the trunk and the other four are on the hatch upside down. In the middle of the four in the trunk of the car there is a plexi-glass piece molded into the box that lights up blue and blue water flows through it, and on the hatch there are two plexiglass pieces that light up blue as well.
o The Floor – The floor of that car has now been covered with a “fake” floor that is 3-4 inches higher than the original. This floor goes from the bottom part of the box faηade to about 10 inches in front of the front seats. In the passenger side floor there is a 700 watt Bazooka amplifier that powers up a few of the speakers.
o Audio Components – All said and done the car has twenty six Bazooka speakers being powered by four Bazooka multi channel amplifiers, and sixteen Bazooka subwoofers being powered by eight Bazooka mono amplifiers. To power up this system we are using 5 Batcap 2000’s that are being provided by Xstatic.

• Exterior
o Body – We have made this originally 4-door vehicle into a 2-door panel truck. We welded the rear doors shut and took out all of the components from the b-pillars back (i.e. windows, electronics, etc.). In place of the windows we have welded an 18 gauge steel panel with Ό inch steel tube reinforcements. There are only 4 Scion xB’s that have done this in the country. We then foamed the inside of the doors and the panels for sound deadening and structure. We removed the roof rain gutters and filled them in to have a nice flat roof look (never done to a scion). Then shaved off the door handles, everything off of the rear trunk, the side markers on the front quarter panels. We molded a 2007 Cadillac SRX third brake light into the mid section of the rear hatch. The car has a full K-1 series wide body kit from along with the corresponding wing and vented carbon fiber hood. We molded this entire kit to the car and also molded the front and rear bumpers in as well. The front and rear fenders and wheel wells are cut out to accommodate the wide rims. Full presidential rag top put on from the bottom of the window sills and up on the car. The gas cover was relocated to make the wide body kit more uniform on both sides and was placed approximately a foot and a half up into the rag top.

• Engine Bay
o Intake and Exhaust – Custom Chrome cold air intake, and Megan racing headers.
o Radiator –Koyo Sport Radiator and Killer Glass Clear upper radiator hose that lights up blue.
o Primary Car Battery – 1 Xstatic Batcap 2000 starting the car.
o Train Horns – Full set of 5 train horns.
o Suspension – Custom strut tower set-up.

• Suspension
o Air Ride – We installed 2600 series air bags in the rear of the car so that the ride wouldn’t be so terrible and also to hold up the weight of the trunk. Running this there is a Viair 480 and a 5 gallon slim tank.

• Rims and tires
o Rims: Work Euroline DZ’s. 18x8 with a +13 offset in the front and 19x9 with a +2 offset in the rear.
o Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE750 with UNI-T tires. 215/35R18 in the front and 235/35R19 in the rear.

**Future Modifications**
• -- Bbist Carbon Fiber Dual Vented Hood, Bbist LED Tail Lights, Bbist Projector Headlights, Bbist Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers, Bbist Tail light Covers
• SPL Alternator from Power Master Performance (482038SPL)
• Weapon*R Racing Development – Engine Torque Damper (959-111-103), Front Stress Brace (890-112-203), Race Sheet Metal Intake Manifold (501-112-108), Street Headers (953-116-102), SW Intake (305-148-101)
• PERRINPERFORMANCE.COM: High Performance Water Injection System, Lightened Crank Pulley, Oil Catch can/ Coolant Overflow Tank, Fuel Rail
• ABS DYNAMICS: Carbon Fiber Type-2 Grill w/ Fog Lights.
• Either Greddy Turbo kit or Greddy/Blitz Supercharger.
• NX Express Purge and spray kit. One tank for a purge and one tank for either a wet or dry nitrous set-up.

**Team and Website Forum Affiliation**
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