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Default Re: Will you help SAS stop Internet Fraud? - Please give me your feedback on this ide

I'm assuming you're talking about NIB current model products, and not discontinued/soon-to-be-discontinued models, or used products.

I see a couple of problems right away.

I purchase an MGA 11500H for $275 w/free shipping.
I can:
send the amp to Bazooka and get a refund for $275,
send the amp to Bazooka and recieve another product worth $275
keep the amp, which has a current MSRP of $549.95

Not to sound snide, but that's pretty much a no-brainer.

Unless someone just has time to kill and is feeling really benevolent, or is in the market for new Bazooka peoducts, there doesn't seem to be any incentive. If I'm not in the market for any additional gear, what would/could I get out this program? I'm sorry if that sounds mercenary, but, I'm not a Bazooka employee. If I were to make a purchase (tying up MY money), send it to Bazooka and get a refund, I'm not getting anything for my time or the risk involved with my money.
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