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Harley1 04-06-2013 08:23 PM

4 channel MC-HD-Amk amp on 2 channel 08 Street Glide

I have just finished installing a 4 channel plug and play MC-HD-AMk amp on my two channel-2 08 Street Glide. The issue I'm having is there is no sound at all not even a buzz going to the speakers. Before I get replies with the obvious, let me add this I'm no expert but its not my first rodeo either I have installed several very complicated systems thru the years. This one is so easy a ten year old should be able to complete the install.

I have good ground, overkill on both 10 gauge fused power and 10 gauge
ground and yes the speakers are hooked up to the factory wires.The green power light is lit so I'm certain it's getting power. I may be answering my on question, but here it is do I need something
like a two channel harness? The Factory Harmon Kardon had the 33 pin
outlet vacant. I've tried pluging the Bazooka plug both to the head and to it's self with no change.
Thanks in advance, confused.

Geneh 04-29-2013 07:58 AM

Re: 4 channel MC-HD-Amk amp on 2 channel 08 Street Glide
Have you turned the gain control up?
The amps are shipped with the gain turned all the way down. This is the most common problem with this amp. Also make sure the HP/Full range selector switch is all the way over not in the middle.

AnitaPeedy 03-13-2017 08:52 PM

4 channel MC HD Amk amp on 2 channel 08 Street Glide
not sure at all. The black ones are definitely the RS bikes from a few years back. The 1st pic.....?

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