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Tlpjr1972 01-16-2013 07:20 PM

Old school Bazooka fan is back for more..
K back in the 90's I started my venture with Bazooka. I have had other subs ported, band pass, sealed, etc.. I havent owned a bazooka in the last 10 yrs, but now Im back :) I noticed one day that a friend had a brand new bt6024dvc sitting in his garage. I asked what he had planned to do with it. He said it was for his ex.. Well his ex isnt around anymore so I told him I could put it to use..

Now comes the fun part, I pulled out my old school JBL gtq200 ( for my mids and highs) awsome sq from this old amp and real rms power labeling. Unlike todays amps that go by Then I dusted off my old school Phoenix Gold ZX500 v2 for the sub.. I know way over kill but I only set it a 1/4" on the gain 80hz for the 6". The PG has smoked 1200watt 12" subs.. On purpose to see if the amp would do it.. Yea I was silly/stupid at a young age.. Anyways WOW I mean WOW I couldn't believe my ears, forgot how good I can make a system sound with the right speakers. Inside are 4 Alpine 2 way 6 1/2" hooked to the JBL..

My firends son was laughing when I took the bazooka from his dad and I told him wait till you hear what this little guy can do. Long story short he was completly blow away. So now I just purchased a BT8024dvc. I moved my 4 insides to 2 channels (2ohm load per) and the the other 2 channels run the BT6024dvc @ 4ohm load 80hz per on to the JBL amp.. WOW again the JBL has more than enough power to make all 5 speakers sound great. Then I hooked up the BT8024dvc 4ohm load per to the PG amp and was able to get the gain to halfway.. OMG incredible. Im hooked as I just order another BT8024dvc to run a 2ohm load to each channel on the PG amp.. LOL

Now some may say its over kill but my highs and mids are sounding excellent and could use the lows to compliant what started out to be a simple upgrade and to prove a point to my friends son has turned into an extreme sounding machine.. Thanks Bazooka for bring a smile to face and blowing the minds of all my friends.. :)146 Cabt wait to post pics of the two 8" and one single 6" in a pyramid formation over my amp rack..

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