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Smitty_ 07-31-2012 06:59 AM

Excited but Powerless
Yesterday I received an MC-HD-AMK for my '10 H-D Ultra Limited (w/CB) with 4 H-D Boom Audio upgrade speakers already installed...
I read the instructions (pretty weak) and watched all the youtube install videos (pretty good)... no problem I thought...piece of cake.
So off to the garage to amp up my ride in preparation for my upcoming ride out to Sturgis (yippee)...
Followed the instructions except I wanted to check out the performance before I started locking everything down.

Everything was plug compatible as advertised, but I have no power...???

I ran the supplied wires directly to the + battery, to a good (verified) ground...fuse checks out power and no sound. the MC-HD-AMK green LED never illuminated when the radio was turned on.

Any ideas???

Geneh 07-31-2012 09:20 AM

Re: Excited but Powerless
First make sure all the connectors are pushed in all the way. (2 ea. 35 pin, 2 ea 23 pin, 1 ea 8 pin and 1 ea. 10 pin)

Check voltage at the amp, putting your meter probes on the positive and negative terminals. This way your are checking the power and ground wire also. Make sure you are getting 12 vdc. Pull the white 10 pin molex connector out of the amp. Check to make sure it has 12 vdc on the blue w/white wire.

If you have voltage at the terminals and all the connectors are pushed in all the way. Then there is a problem with the amp.

Smitty_ 08-02-2012 04:07 PM

Re: Excited but Powerless
You are the man! Thanks...

Using a test meter with an independent ground I was overlooking my ground wire (appearances are not everything)...
I checked it as you said and there you go... bad ground loop...

It's working great now...
it's loud to say the least...can't wait to get up on the highway tomorrow and check it out at speed (I am excited)

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