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bobmG8 09-30-2010 02:33 PM

Pontiac G8 Audio Upgrade
I finally completed my sound system. I started with an MTX re-Q5 volume sensing bass restoration device which works flawlessly with my base G8 radio. By the way there is 6VDC on the speaker wires exactly what the re-Q5 needed to operate the blue turn on wires for the amps. The tight sound coming out of the Polk db651s speakers in all four doors is amazing which is powered by an old ALPINE 35W x 4 amp. And the Bazooka 6.5" DVC passive sub has plenty of bass, it's powered by a PPI PC275 (2 x 75W) Amp. I set the Bass, Treble, and Fade to 0 and the balance at 2R and CD music is perfectly balanced. I did set the 4 channel amp (doors) on High Pass and dialed up the gain on the rear channel just a bit which seems to work very well. I can boost the gain of each speaker independently with the re-Q5 so I am going to bump up the Front Left and Rear Left and set the radio balance to 0. It's possible to fine tune the system with the re-Q5 but for now it sounds so awesome I will leave it alone. If anyone has to keep a stock radio and is interested in upgrading the sound system, I would certainly start with the re-Q5 and all you have to do is splice into the 4 sets speaker wires (+/-) on the side of the radio to interface with it. It really makes the Bazooka sub perform very well at any volume.

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