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geezrglidr 06-21-2009 07:57 AM

Anybody in PA, Upstate NY, or Eastern OH?
Anybody on forum (somewhere in above area of country) have a kick-*** stereo on their bike, and have one of these tubes on it? I'm willin' to spend some money to upgrade, but I wanna hear some stereos first. I'm not sure what to get, but I wanna say, "Man, that sounds as good as my car." I'm not just talking a speaker-replacement-type upgrade. I'm talkin' KILLER stereo upgrade. Whatever it takes, I'm gonna have a stereo system. I'm in N Central PA. Have 09 EG Classic. Ride halfway to me, and I'll ride halfway to you so I can hear it. Suggestions welcomed --- even if you work for the company! --- but I'm still gonna have to hear something on a bike --- Classic or Ultra. Thanks.

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