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chadgunnar5 05-07-2008 03:08 PM

EL10190PP Issues
Bazooka Dual 10" Subs, 300W Amp and Enclosure Package Model #: BAZ EL10190PP

I purchased this package from Circuit City awhile back. The amp went out and I sent it in under warranty for replacement. I received a replacement amp from Bazooka and everything seemed to be working fine at first, but now I get sounds that are almost like gunshots thru the speakers, and no music. is this the speakers or the amp? Do I need to send my amp in for another replacement? Please advise, as this is very frustrating.


CJ 05-07-2008 03:24 PM

Re: EL10190PP Issues
I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing problems again with your unit. I talked to our technician and he asked that you send the amplifier in to us for him to check out personally. Please contact our customer service department at (800) 843-8823 and inform them you need an RA #. If your last RA was within 60 days, we can issue a call tag for your amplifier so that you do not have to pay shipping again. To make sure the problem is with the amplifier, you can also contact technical support to make sure the woofers are good before sending anything back to us. Again, we apologize for the failure of the product. Once we get it back, we can then investigate to determine why the unit has failed so soon.

rainmanspl 05-07-2008 07:30 PM

Re: EL10190PP Issues
CJ, I'm in Baldwin, GA. It's about 25 miles north of Gainesville. If a customer in my area has a problem, have them PM me and we'll schedule a time to inspect the vehicle for problems. No charge. I figure it might help Bazooka and it's customers save some time and money on shipping in some cases. Hey, you might be able to save enough money to get KF's back waxed.:eek:

CJ 05-08-2008 09:40 AM

Re: EL10190PP Issues
Thanks Rainman! I'll keep that in mind. You have been a great asset to our forum! All of us at Bazooka truly appreciate your assistance and willingness to help our customers. Thanks again for your support.

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