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Kingfish 02-04-2008 01:30 PM

Good News & Bad News
The GOOD: :)47
We just implemented another very useful feature on the main forum page. Now when you go into a specific thread, you will see a little + sign. Clicking that button will give you a preview of the 1st post in that thread, as well as, give you the option to Reply or PM right there without having to go into the entire thread. Additionally, if you haven't nolticed we also implemented a Mouse Move Over feature that turns the titles etc yellow when you move your mouse over them to insure you know where you are RM!

The BAD: :sad-031:
Because we imported data from the old forum, to get the above feature to work correctly, we had to rebuild the indexes which likewise reduced some of you ole timers Post Count...Sorry ILD, but you're still a GURU! :D Don't feel bad...d-rock went from 198,000 (which I believe was a little exagerated) down to around 1300 or so.

I hope that these new features further enhance your enjoyment of our forum community.


gearhead 02-04-2008 07:01 PM

Re: Good News & Bad News
Good news all around for me. My post count increased by about 30!

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