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Grey Beard 11-15-2002 12:40 PM

Transmission Line Enclosure
Hi Friends,
I purchased a CS Series 10" Bazooka Woofer.
Thank you Bazooka Boy and NitroVW for the help on what size to make a sealed box:) ".7 ft3"
Is .7 the minimum or the ideal size<img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>
I have quite a bit of space and I was curious if anyone has built TS boxes for cars? The advantage of a TS might be that the speaker would have faster transient response and more natural sound. But I'm just guessing as I've never built anything but ported and sealed enclosures.
Thanks again,
Grey Beard

11-15-2002 01:56 PM

This link will help you out with your question.

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