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kevbo887 12-12-2005 05:52 PM

Bazooka Amplified tube/amp....?
How exactly would I go about hooking up an amplified bass tube along with my amp and 2 subs I have? I have a 300.1 Bazooka Mono amp and on the box it says theres an aux jack to plug in the amplified tubes, but guess what, there isnt one on the amp......go figure!!

So, anyone care to assist, I would appreciate it!! :)

kevbo887 12-12-2005 10:30 PM


d-rock 12-15-2005 10:16 PM

If you're using amplified subs, you can't.

The 300.1 is a subwoofer only amplifier, you'll need passive subs for it.

What's the rest of your system, and what are you trying to connect?

Derek Tircuit
Product Specialist
Bazooka Mobile Audio

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