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nexxis69 03-07-2012 07:44 PM

Im amazed...
I remember going to an IASCA show back in the early 90's. I remember you guys having a Trans-am with bass tubes in the back and i thought they were amazing. I never had much money back in those days so i always admired them from afar. Well in 2001 I finally got an amplified el8a. I put it in the back of my ford f-150. I loved every minute of it until i totaled it. Well even though i killed my truck. that bass tube kept on going, right into the back of my explorer. And a few years later i put it in the back of my XB. I have had this thing for almost twelve years now. The amp never failed. the fuse is still the one that came with it. Now i am on my third wiring harness , but in the scheme of things. i havent owned a piece of equipment as long. And i still enjoy it every day. Thank you for making such an amazing product. And when my tube finally does give up the ghost, I will replace it with one of your fantastic products. Again thank you so very much for making such amazing products.

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