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Nails 03-01-2008 02:21 PM

Replacement Components
First off, I'd like to say hello and introduce myself as a new member and hope to get some help from the experience of others. I have a powered bazooka tube bta8100 which went out on me in less than two years. I was extremely happy with it until just recently. You see the woofer kept intermittently woofing after shutting off the system. So one day I got curious enough to open it up and see what was going on and discoverd the pc board (amp) was jacked up due to a broken bracket. I would like to get a new replacement amp for it but can't seem to find one on the internet. I'm not sure were to start looking for one either. I have some idea but thought why not ask for some help.

Sure hope someone can help me out.


jjames 03-01-2008 08:11 PM

Re: Replacement Components
Call bazooka, I think they sell replacement amps.

rainmanspl 03-02-2008 12:13 AM

Re: Replacement Components
The # is 1-800-THE-TUBE. Also check out the products section.:)47

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