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RASelkirk 09-24-2012 05:01 PM

EL8A problems...
Hi All,

I've got an old EL8A unit that I installed in my 98 Dakota short cab around 2004 using the auto "turn-on" method. The unit worked well, but after running down the battery several times, I ended up pulling the fuse a few years ago and now I'm finally getting around to figuring out this problem.

I ran a VOM meter across the terminals of the fuse holder and see a current draw (I think it was 0.6A) with the ignition key off, is this normal? Could spurious noise on the high-level speaker inputs cause this unit to draw power? Would changing the "turn-on" to a key on source be the solution?

One more for you - my truck has the Infinity mid-level system with a separate amp. I have my tube wired tapping the speaker leads to the rear speakers after the amp, is this OK?



Geneh 09-26-2012 10:57 AM

Re: EL8A problems...
Yes, change your turn on option to the orange wire. There could be a problem with the audio turn on circuit. The dead current draw is within the specs for the ELA series. As for installing after the amp, it all depends on how much power the amp is putting out. If you did not have a problem with distortion then leave the installation like it is. If you where have problems with distortion then change the inputs.

RASelkirk 09-26-2012 04:16 PM

Re: EL8A problems...
I did the switch to the amp for turn-on, now my "key-off" current draw is 0.02A. I'll see how this affects my battery drain. Also just installed a good set of 6 1/2" front speakers while leaving the factory door tweets. My biggest "sound" problem now is the factory 4 1/2" rear speakers, they are horrible. Currently looking for replacements!


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