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stratocaster 06-20-2014 08:39 PM

Flush mounting RBCM-100 remote
I just received my BTA6100 bass tube and RBCM-100 remote. Rather than mounting the remote underneath my dash I'd prefer to use one of the unused OEM punch out panels (or whatever they're called). I'm thinking if I can simply remove the front "plate" of the remote I may be able to simply drill a hole thru OEM panel for the remote knob, mount the remote to the OEM panel in some fashion; thereby just substituting the RBCM-100 front plate with the OEM panel. Then just mount the OEM panel back on the dash. This seems like it would be much cleaner install.

Has anyone done this before? Is there a way to disassemble the RBCM-100 remote without destroying the thing - just in case what I'm attempting to do can't be done?

Or is there another remote that would work with the BTA6100 that would allow me to do this?

Rodek 07-16-2014 02:21 PM

Re: Flush mounting RBCM-100 remote
I've seen this done with other amplifier bass knobs so, I'm pretty sure you can do it with yours. Any luck with removing the front plate?

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